Our Team

Meet our Staff

 Dental Assistants

Our dental assistants support the dentists in the delivery of restorative and reconstructive services. Often they will help you get comfortable in the treatment room and may assist in your care by taking x-rays, impressions, or providing other services.


These caregivers play a vital role in your long-term oral health. In addition to providing you with regular cleanings, they will monitor the condition of your mouth’s soft tissues and provide care to patients with periodontal disease.

The Business Staff

Your first contact with our office was probably with our treatment coordinators. As you are already aware, they will help you become a patient at Northwest Dental Center by providing you with necessary information and assisting you in finding an appointment that is convenient for you. They will also help you understand our financial policies and payment options. If you have dental insurance, our business staff will assist you in filing claims and estimating your insurance reimbursement.