2019 Healthy Living Checklist

With so many areas of health, it can be overwhelming picking a place to start achieving your 2019 health goals. Believe it or not, your mouth is the perfect place to start! It has been shown that poor dental hygiene can contribute to other medical issues such as heart attack, stroke and early labor. Investing time in good oral hygiene can prevent these issues and keep you on track with good overall health. Need a place to begin? Here is a healthy living checklist to kick-start your 2019 health goals!

  • Make an Appointment

A great place to start achieving better oral health is by making an appointment with your dentist. Even if it has been a while since your last visit, making an appointment will start providing you with the preventative care you need. Commit to scheduling and attending your appointments on a regular basis, this means making your next appointment before you leave the dentist’s office. If dental care costs are preventing you from making an appointment, ask about a Membership Savings Plan.

  • Get a Calendar

With a busy schedule, it can be hard to remember appointments of any kind. Invest in a calendar to remember your appointments and when you have time to schedule them. Some calendars even provide lists for writing down healthy groceries and dental care products that are running low.

  • Add Healthier Foods to Your Diet

Adding more dairy products and fibrous veggies is great for your teeth! Dairy products help kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay while fibrous veggies help scrub away excess food particles. Apples are a great example of a fibrous food that scrubs your mouth. You could even add a protein-filled cheese stick for a dose of dairy.

  • Cut the Sugar

Cutting sugar can reduce the risk of tooth decay tremendously! This can be done by simply being mindful of what goes into your grocery cart. Try adding more whole grain bread and cereal to your diet rather than white bread and sugary breakfast items. Avoid shopping for items in the bakery and candy aisle. If you crave sweetness, add some fresh fruit to your cereal or stock up on sugar-free gum.

  • Set a Time for Brushing

It can be difficult to stay consistent with brushing when you are too tired or do not have enough time. Pick a time in the morning and at night for your family’s dental care routine. If you forget to brush your teeth most mornings, make it the first thing you do when you get out of bed. If you find yourself too tired to brush at night, set an earlier time when you have the energy.

  • Start Flossing and Rinsing

Brushing and chewing sugar-free gum is not enough when it comes to your dental routine. Food particles can easily hide in between your teeth and are hard for your toothbrush to clean. Using floss to clean difficult-to-reach areas and rinsing with fluoride mouthwash is vital. Make a point to stock up on these items and keep them next to your toothbrush.

By checking off one of these dental care tasks, you are on your way to great oral and overall health. One task will lead to another and before you know it, you will be reaching those 2019 healthy living goals! If you would like to kick-start your health journey with us, click here to browse our locations and make your first appointment!


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