Bad Breath. It’s embarrassing. You or someone you may know may have had to address chronic bad breath, or halitosis. While normal bad breath can oftentimes be remedied simply by chewing some gum or eating a mint, halitosis is a more persistent form and can be indicative other health issues. Let’s take a look at some of the causes and treatments of this condition.

There are a variety of scenarios that can potentially cause halitosis. Inside your mouth, cavities and pockets from gum disease provide bacteria places to hide that are much more difficult to clean out through regular oral hygiene. Dry mouth due to lack of saliva is another contributing factor. Without sufficient saliva present to rinse/breakdown leftover food in your mouth, these remaining particles can lead to halitosis. Smoking and tobacco products, along with all of their negative impacts on your health, can also dry out your mouth and add to the potential development of halitosis. Beyond these common factors, additional medical conditions such as mouth/nose/throat infections or diseases like kidney disease or diabetes have been seen to cause halitosis.

Now that we have a better understanding of where halitosis can originate, there are some definitive steps that can be taken to reduce and even prevent bad breath. First and foremost, practice good oral hygiene daily! This consists of brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste as well as cleaning between your teeth (for more information on this, read our blog post about flossing here). Additionally, drinking plenty of water every day will keep your mouth moist. Other options include chewing sugarless gum (look for the ADA Seal of Approval), reducing your caffeine intake, and removing smoking/tobacco products from your routine.

All of these treatment options should be coupled with regular visits to your dentist, which MyDDSOffice.com recommends you schedule twice a year. The combination of your efforts to combat halitosis along with a proper cleaning and the knowledge of your dentist ensure you are doing everything you can to combat this condition as well as maintain the best oral health possible.

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