What’s the advantage of becoming a Member?
The simple answer is that it is cheaper. It is our effort to help families without insurance make a commitment to the routine, regular care they need to achieve and maintain good oral health. For most patients, regular preventative (cleanings & checkups) are packaged at a discounted rate or are available in an affordable monthly payment. New patients received complimentary first exams and a significant discount for a full series of xrays. Patients that need additional care, all other services are discounted 20%. Children under 5, receive their regular preventative care (cleanings, xrays, exams & fluoride) for free.
Why don’t we participate in insurance “networks”?
Dentists that are “network” providers discount their fees to a small group of patients with a specific dental plan. The impact of this discount to families with dental insurance means that more vulnerable families without dental insurance pay higher prices in the “network” office. We prioritize quality care and ACCESS to care above all else in our offices.
So, do all patients receive the same care?
This is an excellent question. Patients with insurance are often asking, “what does my plan cover” even though what is covered may not be what they most need. The charts on the prior pages represent the care most patients will receive. But because all patients are not in the same condition of health and have very different individual needs, actual care may vary. But… each patient and their caregiver will be at the center of planning the care. The Membership plan covers the routine, preventative care that will help patients achieve and maintain good oral health. Caregivers, along with patient input, may customize the plan to best help patients reach their goals.
If I move during the plan year, may I receive a refund?
Unfortunately, because of the significant level of discounts provided in the plan, fees are nonrefundable. We encourage patients to commitment to the full year when becoming a Member.
If I move during the plan year, may I receive a refund on the renewal bonus?
The renewal bonus may only be used for services in our office. There are no cash disbursements if a Member leaves the plan.
If I need to go to a specialist (ex. Oral surgeon or endodontist), may I use my renewal bonus or discounts there?
The benefits of Membership cover only services provided in our offices.
When should I bring my child for their first visit?
For most children, their ready for their first trip to our office between the 2nd and 3rd birthday. It’s our goal to help them have a great experience and establish a healthy routine for a lifetime.
What’s the value of the care for my child under 5?
For a child’s first year with comprehensive new patient exam and a full series of xrays, $345 for the full year. In a child’s second year, the regular preventative visits are a little more affordable at $282.
So is the care for my child under 5 totally free?
Their Membership, which includes two visits for exams, xrays, professional cleanings and fluoride are free. If children need other services (ex. filings, extraction, etc), these services are available with the 20% Membership discount. Membership for Children under 5 require a participating adult family member to become a Member and receive this care.